Our Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of our most asked questions. Got another question, let us know via our support page.


Do I need an account?

You can use List-it without an account.

The big advantage of an account, however, is that your todos are backed up.
You can have your todos at your fingertips whenever you want. On a new device, on more devices, etc.
Another big advantage of an account is that you can use List-it’s awesome Premium features.

We just released Groceries, which you can subscribe to now!

Do I need List-it Premium?

You can use List-it for free. In the free version you can use the base functionalities (My list & daily notifications).

But you will miss out on the recently released Groceries feature.

What does List-it Premium get me?

With List-it Premium you can use our awesome feature Groceries.

More about our Grocery List in the Premium section of this website.

I have issues with the app, can I let you know?

Yes, you can!
Go to contact or feedback and support and leave us a message!


Are my todos backed up?

If you created an account and are logged in, your todos are backed up.

Better safe than sorry!

If you log out of your account, your todos are not lost. Log in again and your todos will be where you left them.

Can I change my email?

Yes you can.
Just drop us a line at support@list-it.ai or go to our Feedback & Support page

I really need a certain feature, can I let you know?

Yes, you can! Go to contact or feedback and support and leave us a message (By the way, we have lots of great features in store for you).


Can I make more lists?

Not yet.
But a grocery list is available and later this year we will add Shared lists.

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Can I receive notifications (reminders)?

Yes, you can!

  • Menu > Notifications
  • Move the switch behind “Get notified by iOS”
  • Select a time when you want to receive a notification

You will be notified once a day and only when you have uncompleted todos in “Today”


What does List-it Premium cost me?

AS told before – our basic app is forever free! But if you want to have the benefits of our recently launched feature Groceries, then you need to go for our premium version. Our shared feature – which will be amazing – will be launched soon.

The premium version will cost around € 0,99 per month or € 9,99 per year.