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Great to see that List-it is noticed in the United States. Read a preview of the article below or read the full news article on Einnews.

“List-it BV is a Netherlands-based company and the creator of a free-to-use productivity app called List-it.

Getting things done can be difficult as tasks pile up and there is less and less time to complete them. To help consumers, busy entrepreneurs, 9-to-5 workers, students, and anyone who may need a boost in productivity organize their tasks and chores more efficiently, List-it BV has released a fun to-do app called List-it.

List-it BV is founded and helmed by three Dutch entrepreneurs on a mission to push the envelope and raise the standards in the productivity industry. Realizing that contemporary productivity apps are either bereft of useful features or packed to excess with complicated functions, the owners of List-it BV set out to create a simpler solution for productivity issues, and thus List-it app came to be.

As imparted by the company’s founders, List-it software embodies the “K.I.S.S.” principle, which stands for “Keep it simple, stupid.” The main goal of this app is to be as simple to use as possible and thoroughly enjoyable so that anyone can effortlessly leverage the benefits it has to offer to enhance productivity.

In List-it, chores and tasks can be organized by urgency or importance, enabling the user to keep track of the most pressing issues without losing sight of crucial matters that may have a more forgiving deadline.

List-it’s product owner and co-founder Govert Vissers imparted that the company’s leadership is grateful and excited that the app was met with such warm feedback by thousands of users across all compass points, stating:

“The product has done well since its launch, but we are only getting started. List-it is and always will be a free product. Certain features will eventually be made accessible for a premium license. The next features to be released include a convenient shopping list (January 2023) that can be shared with someone and shared lists that can be worked on collaboratively. Of course, more languages will be available shortly, and an Android version is in the works,” said Govert Vissers, the product owner and co-founder of List-it.

Rightly dubbed “one of the most efficient todo apps in the current market”, List-it delivers simple, highly functional productivity features contained in a plain, convenient package. Although the app’s primary goal is to make everyday tasks simpler, List-it offers a range of long-term benefits to the user, which becomes greater the longer the app is used.

After extensive research, the List-it BV team has leveraged the vast experience of its founders in persuasive communication, app development, e-commerce, and digital technologies to integrate a sophisticated AI into the List-it app. This artificial intelligence will be designed to assist the user in everyday tasks, further augmenting the efficiency of this productivity app.”