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Later this year we will release our Premium Features. These will be available via an in-app purchase in the Apple App store. We are working at full speed to deliver you our best work yet very soon!

Go Premium - Be happy

Going premium with List-it will let you use our groceries and shared functionality. Our product continues to improve infinitely. Like mankind we should never stop seeking to evolve and grow, so if you got a ‘must have addition’ to our feature list let us know by sending a message via our Contact form.

Later to launch in 2022. Stay tuned


Remember those days in the supermarket using a scribbly note someone gave you? Or receiving ongoing Whatsapp messages with new ‘don’t forget’ products to buy?

Notes are easily lost, hard to read and a waste of paper. A Whatsapp notification for each new item can be annoying and you lose oversight. Well those days are over with List-it Groceries.

You can share 1 or multiple lists where you can actually work together. New items pop up in the app and you can complete them after throwing them in your basket. Want to re-use the list? Just undo the crossing out and start all over next week.

Shared Lists

Our ‘soon to go live’ feature Shared Lists will help you to create extra lists for your own personal use but also together with friends, roommates or at work. It will give you a better oversight of the todo’s with a clear label like ‘renovating’, ‘stuff to bring for the weekend’ or ‘todo’s at work’. You can add members and share todo’s with them. But also the possibility for everyone in the group to add things they need to have done.

A real collaboration tool for yourself and together with the rest of the world. It’s you party!

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